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P2P TV continues to grow and with this expansion comes TvAnts, a simple, yet effective alternate to PPLive. Installation is simple and within a few clicks, you will have access to countless channels from all over the world. Installation of TvAnts is simple and only requires a few clicks of your mouse. Once installed, you will see a channel list and can view more channels by clicking “Renew”. The channel selection consists of everything from “TV Canada Tourism”, to “TV Pentagon”.
TvAnts provides smooth streaming once it gets going and the quality of the imaging is just as good, if not better, than anything you would find on PPLive. Since TvAnts is a Zhejiang University project, many of the channels found will be of little use or interest to English viewers. However, it does offer channels for music, news, movies and fashion, but from Asian sources. One pitfall to this program is the expiration of the license.
Occasionally, users will receive a message stating that the license has expired. In order to correct this, you cannot simply reinstall the app. You will have to first completely uninstall TvAnts, and then reinstall it. In spite of this set back, TVAnts does provide a large selection of free channels and plenty of sports to watch through a stable streaming platform and is worth the time it takes to download.


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